Corporate News

Staff changes at the globe and mail

Jan. 12, 2018

The Globe and Mail is pleased to announce that Gabe Gonda, formally Head of Features, Sports and Opinion, will be taking a newly created role: Managing Director of Corporate Development.

As The Globe’s business evolves and develops new revenue streams, Gabe’s strategic expertise and community relationships developed through his work in journalism, as well as through his volunteer leadership activities in the non-profit sector, will be assets in helping to drive this change. He will be working closely with colleagues across the company, especially in revenue and marketing, and will have the support of the entire executive team.

Gabe’s move has resulted in other changes to Masthead.

Kevin Siu (formerly Head of Experience) will become Managing Editor, Longform, Features & Opinion, taking responsibility for our Features, Opinion, Arts, Lifestyles and Sports desks.

Angela Pacienza (formerly Head of Newsroom Development) will become Head of Experience, responsible for programming, editing and all visual journalism.  

Natasha Hassan (Opinion editor) is promoted to the Masthead.

Adrian Norris joins the Masthead as Head of Newsroom Development, Budgets and Staffing, responsible for developing newsroom culture and administering the editorial budget.

Devin Slater formalizes his move away from editorial to digital-UX, where he will deepen his work developing design capabilities for our audience to ensure the digital space remains cutting edge for Globe users.

The Globe and Mail is now seen as world leading in its audience-first approach. We have a structure that protects and respects reporters and writers. We have a structure that maximizes the content by intelligently identifying the appropriate format, time of day and platform for delivery of content. We are also now confident enough to give the gift of time to those staff who are determined to offer the best-in-class multimedia and investigative work. These changes will cement our commitment to our journalists, audience and clients.